Continental Dollars are not Rainbow Currency nor are they Concept Dollars! Beware of Pimpy ‘s Investment Chat on Youtube! Misinformation agent to say the least.

PUBLISHED IN THE Continental Free Press ON 08-21-2021


This guy calling himself Pimpy ‘s Investment Chat on Youtube claims he has confirmed that the Continental Dollar is a concept money for the Rainbow Currency. The man cannot read nor properly interpret what he is reading. In other words folks, this NESARA/GESARA is a scam and has been a scam since the 1990’s that promise people a bunch of money that is backed by gold for the people of the world. 

People like this are trying to discredit the Continental Dollar by creating a false association by and between the Continental Dollar and the New World Order-World Government to keep people from going back to a National Currency. How do we know this guy is a liar, he deleted our comment when we tried to set the record straight. 

Keep this tactic in mind because the NWO agents always create false associations with their own organization and pass the blame of their own deeds thereby creating a false narrative to steer you away from any form of National Government or your own country. 

This guy never asked the National Government that issues this money anything before publishing his garbage journalism. 

Published by the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America