National Security Breach by creatures of the state! Part 6


Published on 02-28-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Presented by the Government of The United States of America!

In part 5 of this series the subject matter detailed Global Accounts and National currency.

Part 6 will go into more detail about the Global Accounts and the kind of life that is being withheld from the people.

It was mentioned in part 5 about the maker of a promissory note and how it is underwritten by each individuals Global Account. The one point that is in need to bringing to light is the fact that the people set the value of the National currency. Today many organizations are setting the values of the private central banks script. Setting the value of the currency is the control of the currency. The printing of currency is not necessarily control.

Under the Global Accounts monetary system, a homeless individual can sign a promissory note in any amount they wish and can live in any home they wish.

There are a couple of options:

1: The individual can sign a 99 years lease with low payments and live in a 5 million dollar house after signing a 5 million dollar promissory note. This is with the option of moving after the 99 years are up or paying off the loan.

2: The individual can sign a 5 million dollar promissory note and make very reasonable payments and pay if off when able to do so. When buying and selling homes the promissory note is what is sold, not the home itself.

3: The reason for the home remaining an asset of the Government is for printing purposes. When a 5 million dollar promissory note is signed, 5 million is printed and placed into circulation which provides the rest of society with a potential of earning 5 million dollars. The Government does not deal in interest so the amount of money in circulation does exist to pay off the loan over a long period of time. The asset is also secured for the creditor/ builder in the case of a default on the payments. The banks job is to keep track of the payments and declare payments made as a third party clearing house in the favor of the debtor or creditor. 

3: If the debtor pays off the loan, the debtor has a clear title and a declared promissory note in the debtors favor. This is called allodial title to property. Allodial title consists of two parts, a clear deed absent an addendum clause, and a declared promissory note by a third party clearing house.

There are some other arrangements that can be made to solve the homeless issue. Instead of selling condominiums separately, the whole building can be sold in one lump sum and apportioned among those that live in the units. Each unit has their equitable part of the building as a whole. Depending on the amount of units and the total of the mortgage of the building, people could realistically pay 50 per month to live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath condominium plus monthly maintenance costs which creates jobs for the community. There are many resolutions like this one and too many to write in this publication.

These arrangements are not far fetched at all if the world was not dealing with people trying to control the world. The real story is America is under constant attack to quash an idea, freedom and liberty for all.  The attacks are coming from within and from Europe. The attacks are manipulated on a grand scale.

Example: Today, a divorce is always tilted in the woman’s favor no matter what in any court.  This is a slight manipulation of men to build resentment in men. The resentment built within a man makes him susceptible to the teachings of Islam and the Roman Catholic Church because both organizations have a long history of fighting and destroying women. Like it or not, that’s a fact.  

The history of the Roman Catholic Church has nothing to do with Christianity. The Christian in America is under attack from within. Many people do not realize that when Christians came from Europe to re-settle in America. Those Christians were escaping the slavery of the papacy. Don’t believe it, check out a 1841 Statute at Large of South Carolina that did not recognize a papists as having Liberty of Conscience which means they did not recognize the papacy as being Christian at all nor did they recognize the Papacy as a religion:

christian south carolina statutes at large 1841

The papacy, through various secret organizations has claimed trustee status over your individual account without any authority whatsoever. The papacy doesn’t even believe in the Bible nor do they use it, follow it or practice its teachings, yet have claimed something that is completely foreign violating the law of nations.  However, on television they use a lot of Christian symbols and proclaim to be Christian when its history shows the exact opposite where the Papacy took over Jerusalem from the Christians and gave it to Islam. See the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”.  This same scenario has happened over and over. Pope Francis comes to America and all of a sudden Islam takes Washington D.C. and placed Islam in key positions over the U.S. Military. 

If a Pope gives to Islam over the Christian, how is that Christian? The world is dealing with a religious war. However, through knowledge and education, Americans have a fighting chance. If not, hard lessons are learned through hardship which results in experience. A video will be released about this subject by the Department of Public Relations for the Government of The United States of America.

If those that are interested in a National currency would like to start investing in Continental Dollars, go to this website and open an account: LINK

A Nationality can be claimed here: LINK

An oath or affirmation of allegiance and fidelity and claiming a Nationality is a Christian tradition, yet has been lost among Christians today. Birth Right citizenship is a Roman Catholic tradition. Christians have been converted without realizing it.

Presented by the Government of The United States of America!